About us


We are Copter and we keep your mobile phone safe.  Our technology was initially developed to protect the rotor blades of helicopters from grinding dessert sand. Now it protects your device from scratches, dirt, fingerprints and shattering. But we are not just about ION-tempered glass and self-healing urethane film. Copter means meticulous attention to detail, a sustainable approach to production and intuitive design so that all consumers can make sure their devices are safe. 

We call this great protection.


The fact that Copter was founded in Sweden is no coincidence. Sweden has more smartphones per capita than just about any other country in the world. So, we have a lot of devices to protect. Sweden is also famous for its long winters and vast wilderness. It’s a country for trekking, biking, skiing and climbing. This means our products have always been tested in harsh, real-life conditions.

We can’t think of a better country for developing new ways to protect your phone.



Copter is an innovation company focusing on developing proprietary technology that enables us to give all our consumers Great Protection. Our R&D is done in Sweden and China and we continuously strive to make our products better.

Copter Original Film

Extremely durable material originally for military use. Self healing, transparent and very versatile giving perfect protection and fit for all mobile devices. Glass like in touch, feel and transparency.

Copter ExoGlass™

Multilayered, double ION-tempered glass with 9H-hardness, HD-clarity and oleophobic nano coating. All the protection you need, without compromising the original feel and visual quality of your device.